Sides & Calzones

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“The Calzones are amazing! I am not even a vegan and I still buy their food just to eat. I especially like to eat the mushroom, pineapple, and cheese Calzone. This place has actually made me changed my mind to eat less meat. “

Tina N.


“The corn dog is fantastic. I took it home and dunked it in deli mustard, ketchup, and siracha. The batter is out of sight, really one of the best batters I’ve ever had. It’s thick but fluffy, just a little sweet, and it holds up well. I recall corn dog batter falling off the dog a lot when I ate them growing up. There was none of that nonsense happening here. This corn dog is serious business.”

Pops F.

~ Sides ~

Buffalo Wings                                          $6.50

Corn Dog                                                  $3.50

Cheezy Garlic Breadstick                      $6.50

Chili Cheez French Fries                       $6.50

Pasta: Spaghetti with vegetables         $6.50

Spaghetti with meatballs                       $7.50

French Fries                                             $3.50

~ Calzones ~

Mushroom, spinach, cheez                   $6.99

Pepperoni and cheez                             $6.99

Chik’un and mushroom, cheez             $6.99

Sausage and cheez                                $6.99

Ham and cheez                                       $6.99